Recent Stock News: Azure Power Global Limited (NYSE:AZRE) – Article Update

Recent Stock News: Azure Power Global Limited (NYSE:AZRE) – Article Update

Azure Power Global Limited (NYSE:AZRE), closed the day at $31.75, a rise of 5.2 per cent and a stock price that brought its market cap to $1.5 billion. The outstanding share count is 47.92 million shares but the size of available float is 44.46 million shares. The stock’s current price is trailing SMA-200 by 58.16% which is also 8.51% up from SMA-50. Reducing that period to a shorter term, we see the price is trailing 12.68% to the SMA-20. Volatility for the week was 4.38%, which was 6.21% in the previous month.

The company closed the session with a trading volume of 107.81 thousand shares, below from its average daily trading volume of 136.05 thousand. It has been generating revenue of $189.7 million while net income posted by the company in last 12 months was -$27.3 million. When looking at performance, we see the stock demonstrating a weekly performance of 11.84% while keeping a monthly performance of 18.91%. Quarterly performance saw a rise of 44.58% but succeeded to record a yearly performance of 144.23% while showing YTD performance of 152.38% which was 111.67% for last six months.

The 52-week range for the stock was 11.75 – 33.46 that put its current price at a premium of 170.21% to the 52-week low price whereas it is trading at a discount of -5.11% to the 52-week high price. The Utilities – Renewable company is currently upholding a gross margin of 91.8% while maintaining a net profit margin of -14.4%. Operating margin for the last 12 months remained 51.3%.

The company’s EPS for trailing 12 months is -$0.62 and its annual dividend yield is 0% with a payout ratio of 0%. It is estimated to be posting an EPS of -$0.16 for the current quarter. The Beta number showed the stock is subject to risk -49% more than the market as a whole. In the trailing twelve months, its return on assets (ROA) is -1.5% while ROE for the same period is -7.4% and have seen an average of 5.2% return on investment (ROI).


Author: Courtney K Smith

Case filed against Pitampura hotel for flouting COVID-19 guidelines

Case filed against Pitampura hotel for flouting COVID-19 guidelines

The Delhi police have registered a case against a hotel in north-west Delhi’s Pitampura for allegedly organising a marriage function by violating the pandemic norms, said a senior police officer on Friday.

On Wednesday, the Delhi government had reverted the order of the Central government’s Unlock guidelines that allowed 200 guests at weddings. In the fresh order issued by the Delhi government, the limit of guests who can attend an event has been scaled down to just 50.

According to the police, a visitor to the City Park Hotel at K.P. Block, Pitampura, on Thursday informed the police about the alleged violation of COVID-19 norms at the hotel. A marriage party was organised at the hotel and more than 50 people were present at a time in the hall, the visitor said. The complainant submitted a complaint and also a video of the event as proof.

“A police team reached the hotel and found that more than 150 people were attending the function and most of the guests were not even wearing mask and not following the COVID-19 guidelines,” an official said.

Thereafter, a case under Section 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) of the Indian Penal Code has been registered at Maurya Enclave police station, a senior police officer said, adding that further investigation into the matter is under way.

The hotel management refused to comment on the matter.

A police officer said that the organiser of the marriage party told the police personnel, who had gone to the hotel after receiving the complaint, that the marriage was scheduled on Thursday.

After the government issued COVID-19 guidelines that allow invitation of 50 people for an event instead of the earlier limit of 200, the invitation cards had already been distributed and it was impossible to cancel the invitations, the organiser said.


Author: Staff Reporter

Letters to the Editor — November 21, 2020

Letters to the Editor — November 21, 2020

The ‘excesses’ of India’s broadcast media are on the rise as seen in the shrill tone over the Tablighi Jamaat event, the mystery around a young Bollywood actor’s passing and another actor’s tirade against the system she is in. These are only a few examples. Though there is a self-regulatory mechanism in the country to deal with departures from normative journalism, it is startling that even the highest court of the land is unconvinced of its effectiveness.

The crux of the problem is that neither the government nor courts have succeeded in drawing a line between ‘free’ speech and ‘hate’ speech. Consequently, a hate speech culture has been making inroads.

The top court needs to prescribe stringent guidelines for the broadcast media (Editorial, “Curbing on-air bigotry”, November 20).

K. Rammohandas,

Malappuram, Kerala

Effectively, the presence of NPAs beyond the tolerable level in the loan portfolios of banks are the pivotal triggers for financial distress. NPAs are considered major impediments to priority sector lending by banks. Further, various studies have established that a chunk of NPAs are high value loans. The recent Yes Bank fiasco points to this. Hence, there must be a regulatory surveillance mechanism to pre-emptively capture these debilitating trends in a bank’s functioning and to alert its clientele before it actually slips into the critical stage of a moratorium. Supervisory oversight should be 24X7. Arguably, frequent incidents of financial distress will impact depositor confidence.

G. Ramasubramanyam,

Kanuru, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

In the current atmosphere of financial uncertainty and insecurity, if reputed banks too are unable to guarantee investors as being totally safe and trustworthy investment channels, confidence in the banking system will vanish.

A. Mohan,



Author: November 21, 2020 00:02 IST


November 21, 2020 02:20 IST

Texas State Securities Board Flags 15 Investment Entities Including One Unregistered Crypto Trader | Regulation Bitcoin News

Texas State Securities Board Flags 15 Investment Entities Including One Unregistered Crypto Trader | Regulation Bitcoin News

Texas State Securities Board Flags 15 Investment Entities Including One Unregistered Crypto Trader

The Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) has announced a series of enforcement actions against 15 online investment entities that illegally market cryptocurrency, binary options, and forex investments in Texas.

The regulator alleges that operators of the companies are using their social media skills as well as the internet to mask the fraudulent nature of their operations. The emergency enforcement order, therefore, stops the flagged companies from continuing to operate from the state of Texas until they get a license from the regulator.

Meanwhile, in his comments that accompany the cease and desist orders, TSSB Commissioner Travis J. Iles highlights key observations made by his organization when dealing with online trading investment companies. He says:

This series of actions clearly demonstrate the risk of dealing with trendy online investment platforms. Investors can’t afford to take everything at face value when transacting over the internet. They need to thoroughly investigate before they invest – because, on the internet, anyone can fake a trading license, publish phoney testimonials or falsely claim to be regulated by an offshore agency.

According to the statement released by Iles, the first 10 entities that were hit with a cease and desist order were all linked to James Blundell, an unregistered binary trader. Blundell is accused of using fake social media accounts, forging documents, and making fraudulent claims to entice his victims.

The TSSB discovered that Blundell, who purports to be a resident of Texas, has “at least three Instagram accounts, seven Facebook websites and one Linkedin profile (that he uses) to recruit victims.” In the cease and desist order, Blundell is accused of using his “broad social media presence to tout his expertise in the cryptocurrency markets, as well as his dealings in binary options and forex trading.”

Furthermore, the order accuses Blundell of “bolstering his expertise by publishing an image of a trading certificate that purports to be a binary options trading license issued by Texas City, Texas.” According to the TSSB order, “the license is actually a forgery.”

Meanwhile, the second cease and desist order accuses three organizations of “falsely purporting to operate from Valentine, Texas.” The order further alleges that the companies “are fraudulently claiming these investments are guaranteed and using fake testimonials add credibility to their schemes.”

Still, the order observed an attempt by the three to avoid regulation after claiming that they fall under the jurisdiction of an overseas regulator. The order says:

According to the second-order, they are also taking it a step further, falsely claiming they are regulated as e-gaming in the British Isles by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Company.

However, the TSSB statement asserts that the three companies are “actually regulated by the Securities Board when dealing in securities in or from Texas.” The regulator reveals that the platforms “are not licensed to sell securities in Texas, and they have not been registered in any capacity with the agency.”

Meanwhile, in concluding, TSSB Commissioner Iles urges residents contemplating to invest to “start their due diligence process by contacting the regulator.”

Can the order issued by the TSSB stop internet fraudsters? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Purchase Bitcoin without visiting a cryptocurrency exchange. Buy BTC and BCH here.


Author: by
Terence Zimwara

Where to buy PS5: LIVE stock updates after Sony statement plus availability at AO, Amazon, Walmart

Where to buy PS5: LIVE stock updates after Sony statement plus availability at AO, Amazon, Walmart

The PlayStation 5 is officially here – well, depending on whether you’re able to buy one or not yet.

There are two consoles, the main PlayStation 5 (£449.99) and a PS5 Digital Edition (£349.99). The standard has a physical disc slot whereas the digital edition doesn’t if you’re wondering what the difference is.

Sadly, it didn’t matter which console you wanted come launch day, fans faced immediate stock problems, with limited availability at almost all retailers. Many were unlucky and found themselves unable to get hold of a console even on launch day, meaning most are waiting for more PS5 stock to become available in the UK.

Luckily, retailers were restocking throughout launch day, with the standard PS5 consoles on sale, the digital PS5 less so.

Sony currently has no stock available for either console. Head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan has said: “Everything is sold. Absolutely everything is sold.”

It’s unclear now exactly how much stock will become available over the coming days, and, even then, when it will arrive. Some retailers have teased customers saying new PlayStation stock is on its way, but there’s only rough timeframes for this.

Our top tip is to look abroad. Amazon Germany had stock yesterday and rumour has it Walmart will have stock on Black Friday (27th November) as has GameStop, which is great news as the console isn’t geo-locked, meaning you can still play UK games.

  • Buy PS5 at Amazon
  • Buy PS5 at Very
  • Buy PS5 at Walmart
  • While there isn’t much information to go on, we’re checking retailers regularly and will update you with any new restock times – just scroll down to our PS5 deals section for all the must-have links.

    We’ve rounded up the best PS5 stock links below to give you a chance to buy one if you haven’t already – as well as accessories and PS5 games.

    Remember there are two consoles, the standard edition and the digital; the PS5 Digital Edition doesn’t have a disc drive to play physical copies of the games.

    We can’t guarantee you’ll get a console, or it will be delivered in time for Christmas, but check the links below for the latest stock.

    Walmart announced we may see the PS5 as part of some Black Friday news. Remember PS5 isn’t geo-locked so you can buy from any of the retailers below and still play your UK games. We’ll keep track and update you with the latest deals, but we expect they’ll be snapped up extremely quickly.

    A few retailers have been very clear about their stock issues. The latest,, has put a message up on its website letting customers know it’s run out of stock again. At least they’re being upfront!

    The message says: “We’re really sorry but unfortunately we don’t have any PlayStation 5 consoles available for order at the moment and we won’t be receiving any stock in the near future.”

    Currys also has been on something of a rollercoaster. Originally Currys had got customers hopes up saying it was due to get stock on release day. Confusion followed, as Currys postponed then cancelled the launch.

    Some customers also claimed they had managed to order the PS5 but then had the order cancelled. Currys then tweeted confirming no stock was available. Since then, Currys has said it is “working super hard to get more stock”.

    ????PS5 Update????

    There will be no PS5s available to buy today.

    We know that this is disappointing news, and we are working super hard to get more stock.

    Please check our social channels for further updates on availability ????

    — Currys PC World (@curryspcworld) November 19, 2020

    GAME similarly said it would have stock on release date morning, but has been put “on hold”.

    Very, Argos, Tesco and John Lewis all had issues with their websites on PS5 release day, but came back online and went promptly out of stock. EE and BT similarly confirmed in the morning customers could buy stock from them too, but… you guessed it, it sold out fast.

    Amazon is offering a little bit more hope for UK restock as it has told customers who complain through its web support to refresh the page regularly, but, manage your expectations – there was no indication of when stock would return.

    As things stand, it looks like there is the possibility of PS5 stock returning, but unpredictably and without any notice.

    At least Sony can take solace in the fact Xbox Series X, which was released 10th November, is also having stock issues. Microsoft has said due to demand new Xbox Series X and S consoles may only next be available to buy in April 2021. The issue seems to be more about demand than supply. Basically we’re all stuck indoors and want to keep ourselves entertained. Safe to assume Sony is suffering from the same problem, even if they haven’t come out and said it as clearly as Microsoft. One thing you can cling to is Sony did say early on, back in the mess of pre-ordering, that “more PS5s will be available through the end of the year.” Here’s hoping.

    We’ll update you as more stores get stock and when it becomes available. Most retailers say they are “working tirelessly to get more stock”. We aim to check this regularly, but it’s still worth checking the below to see if stock has come back in:

    As well as the PS5, console accessories have gone on sale. There’s the DualSense Controller, the Pulse 3D headset or the Media Remote. You could go all out when it comes to PS5 accessories and games, but don’t forget a lot of PS4 games are still work – Sony confirmed the PS5 backwards compatibility.

  • GAME – not available
  • 1. Bookmark our page and check back for stock – we keep this page updated and have the main retailers that have confirmed restock times.

    2. Make sure you are checking just before any restock time – we’ll list confirmed times when we get them, just click through and get ready as when that stock appears it’ll be gone as fast as you can say ‘I want a PS5’.

    3. Have your payment details ready and the money in your account – in the first pre-order round some people reported struggles to have their console confirmed, or message cropping up that it was checking payment. This seemed to ease on release day, but still make sure you remove all barriers by having the money in the account you’re using and the details ready to hand.

    4. Move fast – there’s no pondering. If you know you want the PS5, decide which version, then get checking those links! As fast as stock appears it disappears.

    5. Don’t worry – if you don’t get a console straight away keep checking back. Yes, it’s hard to get one right now, but there’s always the next restock!

    As England is in second national lockdown there was a bit of confusion and concern around those who had pre-ordered their next-gen consoles. The lockdown is, currently, due to last until 2nd December – long after the release of both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. Whilst online orders should hopefully have now been delivered without issue, many were left wondering what this meant for those of us that have one ordered from a store that was shut due to being non-essential?

    Well, there is a glimmer of hope and it can be found in the term ‘click and collect’. Whilst stores like GAME and Smyths will not be able to physically open, click and collect is allowed and these shops, and others in the same boat, have confirmed they have plans in place to ensure you can collect your console – often in timed slots.

    Keep this page bookmarked and we will update you on the latest with the lockdown situation as soon as we hear more- which should be any day now with the release dates right around the corner.

    Sony had said that any additional stock that will be available will not be available in stores due to England’s lockdown. It is a choice that does make sense as they do not want people gathering in large crowds at shops, that may not even be open, to try and buy one. Most people tried to grab a PS5 pre-order so they could get their console on release date, whether that was delivered of Click and Collect.

    To quote PlayStation themselves: “No units will be available in-store for purchase on launch day (November 12 or November 19, depending on your region) – please don’t plan on camping out or lining up at your local retailer on launch day in hopes of finding a PS5 console for purchase. Be safe, stay home, and place your order online.”

    PS5 pre-orders didn’t quite go to plan and, while launch day saw more PS5 come into stock, it wasn’t without its drama.

    The journey hasn’t been easy for many trying to get a PS5 and you know that a pre-order release has not gone to plan when the company behind it come out and admit it. The official PlayStation Twitter account recently said “Let’s be honest: PS5 preorders could have been a lot smoother. We truly apologise for that.”

    We admire their honesty!

    When it came to pre-orders GAME, Smyths, Very, Amazon and the regular retailers went live with stock overnight on the first pre-order date, but it was quickly snapped up. Argos and John Lewis went live next – and sold out within minutes too.

    While the consoles sold out before many of us even knew they were listed, we had been told that more were on the way. Retailers got more stock for the release date on 19th November – but it was all, well, a bit of a mess with cancellations, queues systems and websites going down. The extra stock that did appear on launch day flew off the virtual shelves and sold out within minutes. For now, it looks like stock is being held back until next week.

    playstation 4

    Maybe you are yet to join the PlayStation world and are considering investing in an earlier console rather than the brand spanking (and more expensive) new one. If so, here are some deals and bundles ahead of Black Friday for the PlayStation 4 and Pro that you may be interested in.

    For more help, check out our comparison on the PS5 vs PS4 and for more offers, check out the best PS4 Black Friday deals.


    Author: By Joe Julians

    Recent Stock News: Azure Power Global Limited (NYSE:AZRE) – Article Update

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