Sarees – Buy Indian Saree Online (साड़ी) | 2020 Latest Sari Designs Online

Sarees - Buy Indian Saree Online (साड़ी) | 2020 Latest Sari Designs Online
  • Touch Test: The easiest and quickest way to know the quality is by rubbing the fabric with hands. Synthetic fabrics are not warmth on rubbing, while real fabrics are.
  • Ring Test: The genuine sarees will not be able to come out from a ring, while artificial ones will.
  • Consider the price: If you are paying more for the saree, then it will be in better quality.
  • Look at the weaves: The good quality sarees are made up of good quality woven fabric and have no extra threads. So choose it.
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    Work starts on Long Beach medical arts pavilion

    Work starts on Long Beach medical arts pavilion

    EW Howell Construction Group has begun building the new Mount Sinai South Nassau’s Long Beach Medical Arts Pavilion at 440 East Bay Drive in Long Beach, NY.

    Projected to open in the spring of 2022, the 15,400 s/f one-story facility will offer access to a wide variety of medical specialists and services, including:

    The $35 million project will restore medical care to the barrier island, providing services in primary care, geriatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, gastroenterology and GI procedures, orthopedics, urology, cardiology, lab work and diagnostic testing.

    The new center will feature 15 private patient examination and consultation rooms; four minor procedure rooms; and nine post-care preparation, recovery, and diagnostic imaging areas. 

    The building has been designed with a hospital-grade air filtration system and with space planning guidelines to reduce the spread of infection. Entryways and bathroom facilities will be touchless to reduce the possibility of infection spread.

    And it will feature fully furnished lounge areas and an exterior with manicured landscaping that complements the surrounding neighborhood. There will also be shared community space. Mount Sinai South Nassau is using FEMA funds to build the new center. 

    EW Howell is also the contractor for Mount Sinai South Nassau’s Central Utility Plant on the hospital’s main campus in Oceanside, NY. 

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    Author: by REW

    William praises Diana Award ambassadors for work to tackle online bullying

    William praises Diana Award ambassadors for work to tackle online bullying

    The programme was set up in memory of the princess and her belief that young people have the power to change the world.

    William praises Diana Award ambassadors for work to tackle online bullying

    The Duke of Cambridge has praised the efforts of young people battling online bullying with a charity promoting the legacy of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

    William said it was “heartbreaking” to hear how abuse over the internet had affected the lives of the teenage ambassadors from The Diana Award, when he spoke to the group to mark Anti-Bullying Week.

    The duke surprised the young ambassadors by making an unannounced appearance on a video call to show his admiration for their work.

    He heard how they endured online abuse themselves before deciding to use their experiences to support their peers.

    William said: “It’s just horrible and it’s very moving to hear you guys talk about how you want to help others and make sure that doesn’t happen to anyone else.

    “That is the most important thing, that you realise this isn’t going to beat you and you want to make sure that others are not going to go through the same torment that you guys have gone through.

    “But I’m just so sorry that you’ve experienced these circumstances and these bullies. It’s heartbreaking to hear how much of an impact it’s had on your schooling, your life, and things like that.

    “Clearly you guys have all taken this on and beaten it, which is fantastic. Because it can – and, sadly it does – get on top of too many people and some of them can’t come through it.”

    Despite schools being closed for a large part of this year due to Covid-19, the charity’s anti-bullying ambassadors said abuse had just increasingly transferred online.

    Rose Agnew, 14, from Warwick, Jude Bedford, 16, from Cambridge, Paige Keen, 14, from Norwich, and Isabel Broderick, 15, from the West Midlands, shared their experiences with the duke.

    They were invited to join a video conversation on Thursday but had no idea it would be with the future king. “No way, no way,” Rose screamed in delight.

    Laughing, William responded: “Well at least one of you recognised me. The other three are not quite sure…”

    She never found out who was responsible and it took her two years to even tell her mother.

    William said: “That’s a lot for you to live with, that stress, that anxiety, that pressure. That’s horrible for you to have to live with that for so long.”

    Paige was targeted by a group of boys who edited her online photos and called her “fat” or “ugly”, while Jude told of becoming fed up at being picked on.

    Rose, who has been targeted by racism and other types of bullying and saw her school work badly affected, told William why she had become an ambassador.

    “I joined the Diana Award and applied because I know what it’s like to be bullied and that’s a feeling that I want to try and prevent as many people from having as possible,” she said.

    “When people hate you for a factor that you can’t control and that you can’t change, it just makes you feel so powerless.”

    She told the duke there should be anti-bullying ambassadors in every school and having a peer-to-peer mentor when she was being targeted would have had a profound impact on her life.

    When William asked if bullying had got worse due to lockdown and with everyone spending so much more time on video calls and social media before schools returned in September, Rose suggested it was worse when people were no longer face-to-face.

    “What was being said generally when people were being bullied was a lot worse, as it had moved online, since our whole life had moved online and bullying went with it,” she said.


    Letters: Rail project ineptitude means Middle Street end; Trump should work to heal divided country; The downsides of distance learning

    Letters: Rail project ineptitude means Middle Street end; Trump should work to heal divided country; The downsides of distance learning

    Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s recent disclosure of increased cost and delays reflects further chaos in the rail project (“Another 8 years and $1B,” Star- Advertiser, Nov. 18). The extended timeline and exponential expense are exasperating.

    The federal funding projected for completion to Ala Moana Center is insignificant compared to Hawaii’s economy crippled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The financial projection prompts a question. Can we rely on ridership to ever sustain operational costs? For a taxpayer left holding the bag for the city and the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation, this ineptness is unacceptable.

    End rail at the Middle Street Transit Center.

    Les Nakasone

    Niu Valley

    Strong message needed to promote masks

    So many letters about wearing masks! I heard Lt. Gov. Josh Green say something about three months ago that I think answers the situation. Talking about people who don’t wear masks, he said, “If you don’t like wearing a mask, try wearing a ventilator.”

    That should be our new state motto, made into signs displayed everywhere.

    Rianna Williams


    Candidate information should come with ballot

    As a new resident and voter in Hawaii, I was in shock at how hard it was to find candidate information for elections in Hawaii. I went on a scavenger hunt to each person’s website to learn their platform, and fortunately found at the library a newspaper with interviews that helped me make a few of my decisions.

    Doesn’t Hawaii want an informed electorate? Do they expect all voters to have the internet, or be tech savvy? Where I previously voted, a sample ballot was mailed to all voters with nonpartisan analysis of any initiatives on the ballot and candidate statements.

    The state Office of Elections should do something similar and make it easy, not hard, for voters to be informed.

    Siobhan Guerra


    Trump should work to heal divided country

    Here is my Thanksgiving wish for Donald Trump.

    First, that he somehow finds the courage to accept defeat, and that he has the grace and dignity to allow our country to move forward together and not backward and divided.

    That he feels gratitude for having the opportunity to serve as the 45th president of the greatest nation in the world. And to be thankful that the best science and medicine on the planet saved his life when he contracted COVID-19.

    That he finds true forgiveness in his heart for all of the people he feels has betrayed him, but most of all that he forgives himself for failing to win reelection.

    Finally, that he puts compassion in action during the final two months of his term to heal a country that desperately needs a leader who can work together with the new president-elect and incoming administration to defeat the coronavirus.

    Let’s all try to remember to choose love, kindness and faith this Thanksgiving.

    Matt Nakamura

    Kalama Valley

    Paula Fuga’s message an inspiration to all

    Mahalo to Paula Fuga! She doesn’t need to sing to be an inspiration to us all (“Radio deejays apologize for mocking singer Paula Fuga during on-air fundraiser for Hawaii Foodbank,” Star-Advertiser, Nov. 19). I have just donated to the Hawaii Foodbank in her honor. The message of her actions speaks louder than a song.

    Christine C. Chow


    MA‘O farm leads way for better farming

    Words cannot fully express my delight at learning in your paper of the new funding and proposed expansion of Waianae’s MA‘O Organic Farms (“Waianae farm embarks on ‘a future of plenty’,” Star-Advertiser, Nov. 16). I appreciate your extended article also.

    I often bought their products at a farmers market when I lived in the Leeward area and found the young “work/study” people at the produce stand to be encouraging examples of today’s youth.

    There is much to like about this enterprise, especially in our current food and economic situation based only in part on the pandemic. More local agriculture, more jobs, increased training and academic opportunities for youth, are all needed.

    It is especially gratifying that this successful organization is accessible to people in an area with too few resources and too many families who are struggling. Good ideas are wonderful but it is essential that they be implemented by competency and good planning. This is an organization not only to praise but to learn from.

    Linda Muralidharan


    The downsides of distance learning

    Online school sucks. Many students during the pandemic struggle because distance learning comes with many hardships. Although it is safer and it has its benefits, I find myself and others suffering because of the many disadvantages.

    It becomes more difficult to stay engaged and keep up with the growing number of assignments given. Online school is safer, but at what cost?

    Licia Pham


    The Honolulu Star-Advertiser welcomes all opinions. Want your voice to be heard? Submit a letter to the editor.


    Author: Today

    Where to Find Clients Online

    Where to Find Clients Online

    One of the biggest challenges Coaches and Holistic Practitioners face is that they don’t know where to find clients online.

    In our last video, I shared the 3 strategies that work to get you in front of more of your ideal clients.

    In today’s article, you’ll discover specific ways to get in front of more of your ideal clients online.

    As you’re reading this, remember:

  • Your people need you now more than ever.
  • They are out there waiting for you.
  • When it comes down to it, there are only 3 ways you’re going to find your people online:

    Organic is all the ways to get in front of your ideal clients without having to pay, such as on social media.

    More on that in just a bit.

    Paid is using paid ads to get in front of your people.

    Partnerships are where you get the benefit of getting in front of someone else’s community and they endorse you as someone valuable to work with.

    So, how do you choose?

    Let’s start with Paid Ads. If you’re just starting out, we don’t recommend using ads until you feel super confident about your marketing skills.

    With ads, you’ve got to have a rock solid offer that people are actively looking to buy. And you’ve got to be a rock star copywriter… meaning you know how to write words that sell, if you want to get a return on your investment.

    Alternatively, you could hire an expensive ad agency who claims they can help you put your ads together, but even that is a big risk.

    The bottom line is that we don’t recommend you use ads until you’re already getting great results with your organic marketing.

    The next possibility is to get in front of other people’s communities through Partnerships. This is like getting referrals on steroids.

    Someone else gathers the people – or already has a list with your ideal clients – and they bring you on to share your wisdom.

    This might look like being a guest on someone else’s webinar or podcast and sharing your offering with their audience.

    The keys to making this work are:

  • Being crystal clear about who you help and the results you help them get.
  • Knowing that you’re able to have a conversation or speak to a group and have people say YES to working with you.
  • In these types of partnerships, you might have to pay a fee to get in front of their community or they might be willing to take some commissions for sales you make from the people they refer to you.

    Here’s an example of what that looks like in practice…

    We love partnerships because it’s a win-win-win relationship where everyone gets something awesome for being a part of the arrangement.

    The organization gets to add more value to help their members and graduates…

    And we get to meet a bunch of awesome new people who might be a good match to work with us further.

    Last, but not least… Organic.

    If you don’t yet have a steady stream of potential clients who are asking to work with you – meaning you’re likely not yet at $10,000 USD a month – we recommend you start with Organic.

    There are a few steps to find your people organically like:

    – Grow your following/subscriber list

    – Build connection and trust

    – Invite people to work with you

    So, organic is what we’re going to focus on here. Because, no matter what the size of your business, you can get started – and start getting results – right away.

    And we’ll focus specifically on social media, since it’s one of the best ways to connect with new people, especially during our current state of lockdown.

    Here’s a tip: Figure out which of the social media platforms you like the most.

    For example, If you’re mostly on Facebook, look for Facebook groups where your ideal clients are already hanging out. You can check out member’s profiles to see who might be interested in your posts about how the work you do helps people.

    Or, if you’re mostly on Instagram, you can do hashtag searches to find your people.

    Then, you friend or follow them. But – and this is super important – not in a “spammy” way.

    When I do this, I take a quick look at their profile to make sure they are a coach, a healer, or a holistic practitioner, and to make sure they seem like they’re in alignment with my values. It takes just a few minutes to do this. One note here: don’t add more than 10 to 12 people a day on Facebook.

    When you’ve got everything optimized to get consults, this can work really well for you.

    In order to be effective, you’ve got to be fully set up to attract your ideal clients with the following:

    This works really well when you’re crystal clear about your niche, and you’re sharing your credibility and your story.

    Then, when you share what you do, people lean in and want to work with you, or share you with the other people in their lives.

    So, go out and use these tips to find more of your ideal clients!

    And if you’d like to learn more about how to attract clients, help the people you were born to help, and make a great living too, we’d love for you to join us at the next Online Client Attraction Summit.

    Full scholarships are now open! Just click the button below and claim your full scholarship today.


    Sarees - Buy Indian Saree Online (साड़ी) | 2020 Latest Sari Designs Online

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