Fecha límite de intercambio de la NBA de 2023: cinco equipos, incluidos Clippers y Warriors, enfrentan la mayor presión para hacer movimientos

Muchos ojos estarán puestos en estos cinco equipos antes del 9 de febrero....

A los fanáticos de la NBA les encanta el olor de la temporada de cambios por la mañana, y las emanaciones odoríferas son más acre en algunas ciudades que en otras. Mientras que equipos como los Boston Celtics , los Denver Nuggets y los Memphis Grizzlies pueden mirar a sus equipos con confianza de cara a la fecha límite de cambios del 9 de febrero, otros están mirando los agujeros de su lista, como LeBron James mirando a JR Smith.


Por lo tanto, se están aplicando diferentes niveles de urgencia a cada oficina principal de la NBA . Decidimos echar un vistazo a las cinco franquicias que enfrentan la mayor presión de cara a la fecha límite de cambios de 2023.

1. Clippers de Los Ángeles

En pocas palabras: el bajo rendimiento y la falta de continuidad debido a las lesiones han creado una sensación de urgencia para un favorito al título de pretemporada que ha sido innegablemente mediocre.

“Oye, ¿no sabes que cuando Kawhi Leonard y Paul George están juntos en la cancha…” Bla, bla, bla. En este punto, los Clippers que compiten por el campeonato existen en un universo paralelo con dedos de hot dog y Raccacoonie. En este universo, el que importa, son un equipo de .500 con la cuarta peor ofensiva de la NBA. Leonard y George solo han jugado 18 juegos juntos y tienen marca de 11-7. No es exactamente para infundir confianza.

La buena noticia es que esta lista está perfectamente construida para un intercambio, con salarios de nivel medio que pueden usarse como relleno para un acuerdo más grande o cambiarse por un jugador más adecuado a un costo similar. Nic Batum, Reggie Jackson , Robert Covington , Luke Kennard , Marcus Morris Sr. y Norman Powell ganan entre $10 y $16 millones, y el de Jackson es el único contrato que expira al final de esta temporada. Los Clippers también (finalmente) tienen una selección de primera ronda para negociar, y dado el estado actual del equipo con dos estrellas envejecidas, esa selección de 2028 podría parecer bastante jugosa para un socio potencial.

Point guard is the most obvious area ripe for improvement, with Jackson taking a step back this season and the Clippers sporting a minus-6.6 net rating with John Wall on the floor. Wall’s $6.4 million salary could be useful in a trade, with potential targets such as Utah Jazz vet Mike Conley and — a bigger swing — Raptors point guard Fred VanVleet.

Este equipo fue creado para los campeonatos, llegando muy cerca hace dos temporadas, pero en este momento parece que algo debe suceder, aunque solo sea para sacudir el malestar. Leonard está comenzando a jugar como antes, y lo último que quieres hacer es desperdiciar una temporada saludable de él, ya que no sabemos cuántas le quedan. La urgencia ciertamente está ahí para los Clippers.

2. Raptors de Toronto

En pocas palabras: al poseer múltiples jugadores impactantes que se dirigen hacia una fecha límite que carece de ellos, podría ser el momento adecuado para que los Raptors vendan sus piezas y miren hacia el futuro.

Toronto was listed by our Sam Quinn as one of the potential sellers that could dictate the trade deadline market, as the team possesses an abundance of an otherwise scarce commodity — players who could genuinely impact the title chances of a contending team.

Two-way wing OG Anunoby has reportedly grumbled about his role in the offense, and will command a sizeable extension in the near future. All-Star point guard Fred VanVleet has yet to come to terms on his own extension, and will almost assuredly opt out of the final year of his deal to enter free agency this offseason should they fail to reach an agreement. Gary Trent Jr., a career 38 percent, high-volume 3-point shooter, will also likely decline his option after this season and enter the free-agent market. If you want to think even bigger, All-NBA forward Pascal Siakam — whose contract expires after next season — might also be available if Masai Ujiri and the front office receive an offer they simply can’t refuse.

The pressure on the Raptors this trade deadline revolves around an important decision: Blow it up, stand pat, or something in between.

With reigning Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes presumably off the table, the organization needs to decide which, if any, of Anunoby, VanVleet, Trent and Siakam are essential parts of the future. With a record middling around .500 and no money on the books past 2023-24 outside of Chris Boucher, the Raptors are a legitimate tank/rebuild candidate. All of those pieces would fetch significant assets, and the rest of this season would be dedicated to entering the Victor Wembanyama-Scoot Henderson sweepstakes. A core built around Barnes, this year’s draft pick and whichever young players they fetch in trades wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world — look at how the Utah Jazz have managed to stay relevant despite trading away two All-NBA players.

Por el contrario, los Raptors podrían decidir que esto, de hecho, es el núcleo construido para ganar un título, y la primera mitad de esta temporada fue simplemente una casualidad que pronto se corregirá. Recuerde que los Boston Celtics estaban por debajo de .500 en este momento el año pasado, antes de que de repente se volvieran imbatibles y corrieran al sembrado No. 2 en la Conferencia Este y una aparición en las Finales de la NBA. Cambiar una de las piezas de Toronto por mejoras marginales parece una medida a medias, pero también es una opción.

El punto es que los Raptors tienen que tomar una decisión firme, que viene con mucha presión.

3. Guerreros del Estado Dorado

En pocas palabras: los problemas de los Warriors esta temporada podrían remediarse a través de un intercambio, pero tendrían que comprometer su puente hacia el futuro en el proceso.

There’s no way around it: The defending champs have struggled this season. A recent report said that the Warriors front office isn’t expected to trade any of its three former lottery picks — James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody — prior to the deadline, but that always comes with the “subject to change” caveat. Considering Wiseman would likely have to be in any significant trade Golden State makes, it would appear to be another quiet deadline on the horizon.

However, there is always — always — urgency to maximize Steph Curry’s window of greatness. The Warriors have gone from second in defensive efficiency last season to 14th this year, underscoring the importance of Otto Porter Jr. and Gary Payton II in that championship rotation. Of the three youngsters, only Kuminga seems marginally ready to contribute in a playoff setting, and even he’s been up and down. Donte DiVincenzo has been an excellent addition, but JaMychal Green — expected to fill in as a mobile, switchable big man — hasn’t panned out thus far.

Adding a player like Jakob Poeltl as a backup center with size (something the Warriors sorely lack unless Wiseman figures things out quickly) would likely help the defense, but they would have to get rid of Wiseman to match salary. Same if they went for a big wing like Jalen McDaniels. The Warriors could always stand pat and wait for the buyout market, but is someone like Rudy Gay taking you over the top?

Keep in mind that Golden State also doesn’t want to take on salary that would add to its massive luxury-tax bill, so anyone they trade for would likely have to be a rental on an expiring deal. Would you get rid of one of your young lottery picks for a few months of win-now help?

La mayoría de los equipos dirían que no, pero los Warriors tienen un núcleo de campeonato envejecido armado con uno de los mejores jugadores de la historia en su vértice, lo que hace que las cosas sean un poco más difíciles de cara a esta fecha límite, sin duda.

4. Mavericks de Dallas

En pocas palabras : Luka Doncic es un espectáculo de un solo hombre, y podría ser hora de hacer un movimiento como muestra de buena fe para una superestrella generacional.

Despite Mark Cuban’s insistence that he got it “dead wrong” ESPN’s Tim McMahon reported earlier this month that Luka Doncic has “strongly indicated” that he wants the Mavericks to upgrade the roster before the trade deadline. When your 23-year-old MVP candidate gets testy about needing more help, there’s pretty strong pressure to oblige. And can you really blame him?

Doncic is performing at historic levels, but the Mavs have hovered around .500 for most of the season partly due to losing his running mate — Jalen Brunson — to the New York Knicks this offseason. Dallas didn’t provide any reasonable backcourt replacement for Brunson, and the addition of Christian Wood has hurt the defense as much as it’s helped the offense. What’s left is a Mavericks team unable to win most games unless Doncic goes ballistic — which, fortunately for them, happens quite frequently.

The Mavs have the salaries of Wood, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Spencer Dinwiddie to play with, along with plenty of available future draft picks. What that gets them, and what they’re willing to part with, remains to be seen. Can the front office convince Doncic that holding their assets for a big swing later is smarter than getting marginal help now around the fringes? Will the notoriously ultra-competitive Doncic entertain the concept of essentially punting on a season in which he’s, conservatively, one of the five best players in the NBA?

La agencia libre de Doncic aún está lejos en la vida real (2026), pero en términos de la NBA se acerca más rápidamente. Lo último que quiere hacer es cometer un error que eventualmente podría ayudar a empujar a Doncic hacia la puerta, por lo que los Mavericks deben manejar esta situación con delicadeza y sabiduría.

5. Los Ángeles Lakers

En pocas palabras: LeBron James no quiere pasar los últimos días de su carrera en un equipo mediocre, pero la directiva y los propietarios parecen vacilar en utilizar activos futuros para tomar lo que podría ser una oportunidad inútil en la contienda.

LeBron James recently said of his team’s current situation: “Y’all know what the f— should be happening.” Unfortunately, there have been several different iterations throughout Laker land about what, exactly, the f— should be happening. Trade Russell Westbrook? Keep Westbrook but trade Patrick Beverley ? Trade Anthony Davis? Trade LeBron himself?

No matter which version you think is most prudent, it’s hard to argue that the Lakers have any chance of winning an NBA title with their current roster, so there needs to be turnover — whether it’s before the trade deadline or in free agency this coming offseason. James doesn’t seem to be willing to wait, but the fact that he signed an extension that takes him through at least next season relieves a little bit of pressure from the front office.

That being said, there is urgency. The Lakers front office showed as much on Monday, completing the first notable deal of trade season by acquiring forward Rui Hachimura from the Washington Wizards.

James, soon to be the league’s all-time leading scorer, is averaging nearly 30 points per game and shooting almost 60 percent on 2-pointers. Davis, when he was healthy for a brief stretch, looked like the most dominant player in the league. For all the flak he’s caught for his late-game decision-making (or lack thereof), Westbrook has performed well since moving to the bench, putting up 16.5 points, 7.9 assists and 6.5 rebounds on 44 percent shooting as a reserve. New head coach Darvin Ham seems to have the Lakers playing hard on both ends. There’s something there, no matter how faintly the candle is flickering.

Trading Westbrook for Indiana’s duo of Buddy Hield and Myles Turner has seemingly been rumored since the dawn of time, and the Pacers‘ recent downslide in the absence of Tyrese Haliburton might make that deal slightly more realistic for them. The sticking point in any Westbrook deal has always been the 2027 and/or 2029 first-rounders that the Lakers would have to throw in as compensation. One point of view is that you owe it to James and to your fanbase to go all-in while he’s still performing at this level. The other side is that no deal on the table will truly make the Lakers title contenders this season, so why not hold your chips until next summer, when you also have cap space due to Westbrook’s contract coming off the books.

Ciertamente puedes ver ambos lados, pero cuando el Rey hace público que quiere hacer un movimiento, aumenta el nivel de presión para Rob Pelinka y compañía.

Source: https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/2023-nba-trade-deadline-five-teams-including-clippers-and-warriors-facing-most-pressure-to-make-moves/

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