• Nvidiaの株価は時間外で25%上昇し、同社は時価総額1兆ドルの水準に達する軌道に乗っている。

  • 同社の株価の最近の上昇は、同社が好調な決算報告を発表した後に起きた。

  • Nvidia は、継続的な AI ブームのおかげで、今四半期の売上高を 110 億ドルと予測しました。

読み込み中 何かを読み込んでいます。



Apple、Microsoft、Alphabet の皆さん、スペースを空けてください! 潜在的な新規参入者が、時価総額数兆ドルの企業が集まる高級クラブのドアをノックしている。

Chipmaker Nvidia, whose stock more than doubled in price this year and beat all S&P 500 peers, has seen its market capitalization close in on the elusive $1 trillion mark following a stunning after-hours rally of 25% on Wednesday. The share surge was powered by the company’s glowing forecasts for the second-quarter of fiscal 2024.

The after-hours jump in Nvidia’s shares boosted its effective market capitalization by about $190 billion toward $950 billion, according to Insider calculations based on Refinitiv data.

That suggests an increase of more than 160% in the company’s market value so far this year – with its stock riding an investment boom in artificial intelligence technologies sparked by the smashing debut of OpenAI’s large-language tool ChatGPT.

In its latest earnings release, the Santa Clara-based chipmaker projected its revenues for the quarter through July at $11 billion. The figure for the three months through April was $7.19 billion, up 19% from the previous period.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said the company is “significantly increasing our supply to meet surging demand” for its data center products.

Should the firm’s market cap reach the $1 trillion mark, it would join an elite group of the world’s most valued companies including Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon.



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