DCGの創設者は、Genesis Tradingを取り巻く懸念の中で株主を安心させます

Digital Currency Group の創設者である Barry Silbert 氏は、火曜日に株主に書簡を発行し、同社が堅固な基盤を築いており、存続することを保証しました。...

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(Kitco News) – Digital Currency Group (DCG) の創設者兼 CEO である Barry Silbert 氏は、火曜日に株主に向けて演説し、同社が引き続き堅調な足場を維持しており、暗号通貨の冬からさらに強力に浮上することを保証しようとしています。最大の投資。

Kitco Crypto が以前に報告したように、DCG は仮想通貨の世界で最も著名な組織の 1 つであり、Grayscale Investments と問題を抱えた仮想通貨の貸し手である Genesis Trading の所有者です。


「DCGは引き続き業界の主要なビルダーであり、より良い金融システムの開発を加速するという長期的な使命に取り組んでいます」と彼は書簡に書いています. 「私たちはこれまでの仮想通貨の冬を乗り切りました。今年はより深刻に感じるかもしれませんが、全体としてより強くなるでしょう。」


“This is an issue of liquidity and duration mismatch in the Genesis loan book. Importantly, these issues have no impact on Genesis’ spot and derivatives trading or custody businesses, which continue to operate as usual,” the CEO stated.

The board of directors of Genesis decided to hire financial and legal advisors to navigate the current difficulties following the implosion of FTX, according to Silbert. He also sought to calm fears of a potential misappropriation of company funds similar to what happened between FTX and Alameda.

“For those unaware, in the ordinary course of business, DCG has borrowed money from Genesis Global Capital in the same vein as hundreds of crypto investment firms,” the CEO stated. “These loans were always structured on an arm’s length basis and priced at prevailing market interest rates. DCG currently has a liability to Genesis Global Capital of ~$575 million, which is due in May 2023.”

Silbert went on to add that the money from these loans was used to fund various investment opportunities as well as to “repurchase DCG stock from non-employee shareholders in secondary transactions.”

The CEO also noted that while the organization does not currently have a financing round planned, the DCG appreciates the offers to invest that it has received in recent days and will announce any future funding rounds as they arise.


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Source: https://www.kitco.com/news/2022-11-22/DCG-founder-reassures-shareholders-amid-concerns-surrounding-Genesis-Trading.html

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