DCG 创始人在对 Genesis Trading 的担忧中向股东保证

Digital Currency Group 创始人巴里·西尔伯特 (Barry Silbert) 周二致股东信,向他们保证公司立足稳固,将生存下去。...


(Kitco 新闻) – 数字货币集团 (DCG) 创始人兼首席执行官 Barry Silbert 周二向股东发表讲话,希望向他们保证,尽管其部分公司的一些斗争广为人知,但该公司仍将站稳脚跟,并将在加密货币寒冬中变得更加强大最大的投资。

正如Kitco Crypto先前报道的那样,DCG 是加密世界最著名的组织之一,并且是 Grayscale Investments 和陷入困境的加密贷款机构 Genesis Trading 的所有者。

随着 Genesis 可能面临破产的谣言四起,Silbert周二致函股东,向他们通报了当前情况。

他在信中写道:“DCG 将继续成为该行业的领先建设者,我们致力于加速发展更好的金融体系的长期使命。” “我们已经度过了以前的加密冬天,虽然这次可能会感觉更严酷,但我们将共同度过难关。”

Silbert 承认,Genesis Global Capital 不得不在 11 月 16 日暂停赎回和新贷款发放,原因是提款请求激增导致波动性飙升。

“This is an issue of liquidity and duration mismatch in the Genesis loan book. Importantly, these issues have no impact on Genesis’ spot and derivatives trading or custody businesses, which continue to operate as usual,” the CEO stated.

The board of directors of Genesis decided to hire financial and legal advisors to navigate the current difficulties following the implosion of FTX, according to Silbert. He also sought to calm fears of a potential misappropriation of company funds similar to what happened between FTX and Alameda.

“For those unaware, in the ordinary course of business, DCG has borrowed money from Genesis Global Capital in the same vein as hundreds of crypto investment firms,” the CEO stated. “These loans were always structured on an arm’s length basis and priced at prevailing market interest rates. DCG currently has a liability to Genesis Global Capital of ~$575 million, which is due in May 2023.”

Silbert went on to add that the money from these loans was used to fund various investment opportunities as well as to “repurchase DCG stock from non-employee shareholders in secondary transactions.”

The CEO also noted that while the organization does not currently have a financing round planned, the DCG appreciates the offers to invest that it has received in recent days and will announce any future funding rounds as they arise.

“尽管行业环境艰难,但我对未来几十年加密货币和区块链技术的潜力一如既往地感到兴奋,DCG 决心保持领先地位,”他总结道。

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Source: https://www.kitco.com/news/2022-11-22/DCG-founder-reassures-shareholders-amid-concerns-surrounding-Genesis-Trading.html

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