FSS 研究加密货币如何下架


周五,Wemade 位于京畿道城南市的总部 [NEWS1]


周四,代表五家韩国虚拟资产交易所的行业组织数字资产交易联盟 (DAXA) 宣布,游戏公司 Wemade 的 Wemix 加密货币将被退市。

这五家交易所——Upbit、Bithumb、Coinone、Korbit 和 Gopax——将从 12 月 8 日下午 3 点开始停止 Wemix 硬币的交易,所有者将能够在交易结束后的一个月内在他们的账户中兑现。

DAXA 宣布,Wemade 提供了有关该公司计划在市场上发行的代币数量的虚假信息。Wemade 回应称,DAXA,尤其是 Upbit,从未就需要提交哪些数据以及如何计算数字给出明确的指导方针。

由于韩国没有加密货币法,因此 FSS 等金融机构无法介入 Wemix 下架等个案。因此,根据 FSS 的说法,此次审查是针对所有虚拟资产上市规则的全面审查。

“我们将研究是否可以做出任何立法改进,特别是因为双方提出了相互矛盾的论点,”一位 FSS 官员说。

“There are no laws regarding the listing and delisting of coins, so we will focus on any suggestions that could be made to future legislation or to DAXA.”

DAXA was established in June after the local crypto market took a huge blow from the Terra-Luna collapse earlier this year and after an agreement between financial authorities and the exchange services. The alliance started enforcing a set of trading guidelines on Oct. 10, which gave DAXA the right to decide which crypto will be listed or delisted.

Listed companies are regulated by the Korea Exchange (KRX). In the case of wrongdoing, KRX gives companies penalty points based on the gravity of the wrongdoing and takes measures when they’ve exceeded a certain level. When a company is given a warning, it is allowed to respond and appeal any decision.

The decision to delist Wemix was made by four DAXA members, officials from the crypto exchanges that are members of DAXA, with only suggestions made by outside professionals. Wemade argues that DAXA’s decision was arbitrary and unfair.

Wemade said Saturday that it will file a complaint about DAXA to the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) accusing it of collusion.

“We believe it is illegal for businesses that take up 100 percent share of a market to collude and decide whether or not to list a cryptocurrency,” a Wemade official said. “We were told that DAXA members were divided over whether or not to delist Wemix, and it should be illegal to force an opinion.”

FSS 的举动是在金融服务委员会 (FSC) 开始调查虚拟资产交易所以检查他们是否在上架自己的硬币后一周,此前失败的 FTX 加密货币交易所于 11 月 11 日在美国申请破产。

国内加密货币交易所不允许发行或上架自己的原生代币,但据信位于大邱的加密货币交易所 Flata Exchange 已于 2020 年 1 月上架其原生代币 Flat。

截至周日下午,Wemix 代币的交易价格为 700 韩元(0.52 美元),比去年 11 月下跌了 95%。

Source: https://n.news.naver.com/article/640/0000031839

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