Nvidia 逼近 1 万亿美元的市值俱乐部,因为这家芯片制造商的股票因 AI 繁荣推动的乐观预测而大涨

在芯片制造商预测本季度收入强于预期后,英伟达股价周三在盘后交易中飙升 25%。...

  • Nvidia 股票在盘后飙升 25%,使该公司有望达到 1 万亿美元的市值水平。

  • 这家芯片制造商的股票最近一次上涨是在该公司发布了一份强劲的收益报告之后。

  • 由于人工智能的持续繁荣,英伟达预计本季度的收入为 110 亿美元。

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腾出空间,Apple、Microsoft 和 Alphabet!一个潜在的新进入者正在敲响万亿美元市值公司专属俱乐部的大门。

Chipmaker Nvidia, whose stock more than doubled in price this year and beat all S&P 500 peers, has seen its market capitalization close in on the elusive $1 trillion mark following a stunning after-hours rally of 25% on Wednesday. The share surge was powered by the company’s glowing forecasts for the second-quarter of fiscal 2024.

The after-hours jump in Nvidia’s shares boosted its effective market capitalization by about $190 billion toward $950 billion, according to Insider calculations based on Refinitiv data.

That suggests an increase of more than 160% in the company’s market value so far this year – with its stock riding an investment boom in artificial intelligence technologies sparked by the smashing debut of OpenAI’s large-language tool ChatGPT.

In its latest earnings release, the Santa Clara-based chipmaker projected its revenues for the quarter through July at $11 billion. The figure for the three months through April was $7.19 billion, up 19% from the previous period.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said the company is “significantly increasing our supply to meet surging demand” for its data center products.

Should the firm’s market cap reach the $1 trillion mark, it would join an elite group of the world’s most valued companies including Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon.

“计算机行业正在经历两个同时发生的转变——加速计算和生成人工智能,”黄在财报中说。由于投资者对英伟达兴趣浓厚,其创始人黄仁勋今年的净资产也飙升至 273 亿美元。

Source: https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/nvidia-nears-1-trillion-market-cap-earnings-estimates-artificial-intelligence-2023-5?op=1

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